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According to recent studies, unemployment rate for the millennial generations, in this case (18-29), is a staggering 16.3% and is rapidly increasing. As apart of the Millennial generation myself, I find this statistic very disheartening. Many say it is because we lack work ethic and don’t try hard enough to get jobs. But is that really what the major problem is for us?

Here is a very interesting article I thought I might share on the Millennial generation:


The Millennial generation is generally defined as anyone born anywhere from the 1980’s to 2000. In Baron’s article that I posted above, I really think he does a great job of emphasizing our generation’s main faults and generalizations made by others. Reading his article really made me think about the direction we are headed and the impact it might have on future generations. The two people he observed in the article are two perfect examples of the kind of disrespect we show without even knowing it. One point that he made really got to me. ” Have big goals, dreams, and ideas, but just think those will happen over time.” I really connected with this because I often see or hear people acting complacent and just expect to obtain anything ┬ájust because they want it. It really made me think about my life situations and what my priorities need to be.

Some issues that i feel our generation has that Baron left out of the article, mainly have to do with self entitlement. Just because everything was given to them their whole lives, they feel like they don’t have to work for anything. They act like they are better and deserve more than everyone else. This is an issue that is increasing rapidly and can lead to failure.

Down below I’m going to leave a few facts on our generation you might not know:


In my opinion, one of the worst and harming things about our generation is the amount of complaining that takes place in our society. I always hear people complaining about a problem but I never hear about them doing anything about it. The solution to this problem is very simple: If there is something you don’t like about the world or your life, do everything in your power to go out and fix it yourself.



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